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Simplifying the World of Blockchain and Web3

Blockchain technology has come a long way in the last several years. The world of crypto continues to grow, and it’s difficult to keep up. Blockchain news, information, and learning resources from countless sources, tens to hundreds of decentralized exchanges, multiple NFT trading platforms, and a host of others. We explore it all so we can give you the best insight available with our crypto market tracker, blockchain news, crypto ratings, and more.

Crypto News

A curated list of the latest blockchain news from our own correspondents as well as from every source across the web.


Navigating crypto and blockchain tech can be challenging. Our free learning resources, crypto ratings, and reviews enable you to make better informed decisions,

Market Tracker

We aggregate the most up-to-date crypto market information on our crypto market tracker so you can stay up on the crypto markets.

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Most crypto users couldn't explain what Byzantine Fault Tolerance is, the significance of a zero-knowledge proof, or how a  distributed consensus algorithm works, and they shouldn't need to in order make better decisions about the ecosystems they use. We believe the crypto gate should be open for everyone.

Beyond the free newsletter, blockchain news, crypto market tracker, and learning resources we offer, we also aim to provide an objective crypto ratings system for as many crypto coins, tokens, ecosystems, and projects as possible. Our goal is to provide sensible information and a rating system so our users don't have to spend hours reading confusing whitepapers or chasing the hype train of the next dog coin on crypto twitter in hopes of catching an easy 100x.

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We work tirelessly to use, evaluate, and rate crypto products. This includes everything from blockchain networks to cold-storage wallets, decentralized exchange platforms to NFT projects and marketplaces. We also do it for free. If you'd like to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest the crypto world has to offer, click here to set-up a free The Crypto Gate account.

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