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Our rating system weights a variety of factors to assign a score to each cryptocurrency or token. While these scores are a good indicator of the staying power of an ecosystem, they should not be used as the basis for financial decision-making. We are not financial advisors, and we do not provide financial advice.

Ratings Beta

Our initial pilot for digital asset ratings is live. We are still working on compiling data, rating more projects, and refining our rating system to ensure our score weighting makes sense and provides value. Once we've refined further, we will publish a FAQ and whitepaper with an explanation of how we score and weight different parameters.


We may also add more rating metrics if we determine additional metrics will improve the scoring system. We may also adjust ratings with a normal distribution (grade on a curve) in the future since some of the metrics we use for evaluation are based on those used for rating more traditional financial products.

Finally, we are not financial advisors, and you should not use these ratings as the basis for making any type of investment decision. This is not financial advice. However, if you have feedback you'd like to provide about our current ratings, please feel free to drop us a line. We'd be happy to discuss our ratings methodology with you. Take a look at the ratings you'd like to explore by clicking an option below.

DISCLOSURE: This rating system is still in development. Some metrics used for evaluation are approximate and may not be completely accurate. Volatility for each rating in this list is calculated using historic data form coincodex from April last year to April this year using daily open and close to calculate standard deviation.

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